Decorating With Leather

Leather has always primarily been a material used in wearable products. From purses to wallets to shoes, it’s hard to imagine it being designed anywhere else. Of course it’s used to make sofas, saddles, and other large items, but that drives the price of those products up enormously. Here at Lifetime Leather Co. we are always exploring new ways to use leather, and want to share ways you can incorporate this beautiful material into your home decor. We’re also sharing a sneak peek of one of our new products to come!

Valet Trays
Our valet trays aren’t anything new to our product lineup, but serve as the perfect start to adding leather to your home decor. Many folks like to use them as a catch-all for keys, phones, and anything else you need to empty your pockets into. They are also a wonderful addition to any coffee table to store photos or remotes.
We even recommend even them on your nightstand for books and reading glasses, or on an office desk for housing paperclips, pens, and other necessities.

2. Pillows
Get excited folks, cause these babies will be coming to the shop soon! Throw pillows are staples to any sofa, armchair, or bed. They add extra dimension and when made with the right materials, can be super cozy! Leather throw pillows break up the monotony of fabric and patterns, yet offer a bold statement. We particularly love the lumbar style featured here. The shape stands out from a traditional square and is the perfect size to fit behind your neck for binge-watching anything on Netflix.
Yet we still love tradition, and find that square throws are perfect for adding to any bed or armchair.

We are counting down the days to launching our home line including pillows and other home decor pieces! Stay tuned for an announcement soon!