What is the difference between Firebranding & Embroidery?

Firebranding is a hot branding that we use to press down into the leather. We do not use any dye or color along with it. The difference in the leather color, whether lighter or darker that you see, is just the way the leather responds to the branding. If it is dark that means it is nice and hydrated! If your item you recieve looks a bit light where any branding is, simply apply some leather conditioner, heat, or rub it with your finger and those oils inside the leather will disperse and rehydrate the area.

Embroidery is pretty simple, we just use an off white thread and the personalization you choose is sewn into the leather!

Don't ask us which is best, we have both options available because not even we can choose! They both look amazing on leather and adding either of these will help transform your item into a unique gift!

Lead Time

Our lead time is determined on how quickly we can make your order by hand, and ship it out. We are pretty quick, but we always ensure that everything is always made with the upmost quality and care. So when holiday seasons come around, our lead time may lengthen by a few days. You can check our current lead time at the top of our home page. If you have any other questions concerning when your order will be ready to ship, email us!


Our lead time does not include the time it takes to ship your order to you. If you choose a faster shipping method, just keep in mind that we still have to handmake the order before we send it on its speedy way!

Returns, Exchanges, and Cancellations!

We do accept returns and honor exchanges and cancellations. Please visit our returns, cancellations & exchanges page for more information.