Toiletry Bags

Whether you call it a dopp kit, toiletry bag, or shaving bag, it’s one accessory everyone – men especially – need in their life. Instead of throwing shaving blades, cream, shampoo, contact lens solution, and deodorant in a plastic bag and stuffing it in your luggage, you may want to try a leather toiletry bag.

These bags are built from top-quality leather, matching any man’s rugged beard and manly appearance. They’re also extremely durable and spacious, holding everything you need for just a weekend or a month out of town.

A men’s leather shaving bag saves the rest of your luggage from potential stains and spills from shampoo, or your significant other’s perfume. Sure, a plastic bag works in a pinch, but with a shaving kit bag you don’t have to worry about busted shampoo bottles ruining your suit while on the road for an important business meeting.

Don’t take another trip without a high-quality, hand-stitched leather toiletry bag. Buy yours today.