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Lifetime Leather Co. is a family-owned business that handcrafts authentic American leather products, guaranteed for life. We started after stumbling across a discarded couch, salvaging the leather and creating gifts for family. From those humble beginnings, we grew to include a full line of high-quality and fashionable lifestyle accessories. Everything we make is handcrafted in our Arizona workshop, employs American workers and will last your lifetime.

The Birth of a Leather Craftsman

After a tragic accident in 2000, founder Ty Bowman was left unable to walk for 3 years. To pass time and stay positive, he decided to read  motivational and instructional books, leather crafting included -- a leather craftsman was born.

Fast forward to 2011, Ty was trying to figure out what to gifts to give family for Christmas. Nothing was coming to mind and it didn't help that he was also dead broke... Coincidentally as he was driving home, Ty spotted a discarded leather couch on the side of the road -- it was in that moment, an epiphany! He salvaged the leather and made leather wallets, oil vial holders, toiletry bags, purses, and passport cases -- everyone loved their gifts.

That same year, Lifetime Leather Co. opened its doors!

We Are Lifetime

Lifetime is composed of a small, but talented team of individuals who love what they do. We cut the leather, brand it, sew it, attach the hardware, and quality check it. We even go the extra step to provide multiple types of personalization, including: Fire Branding, Embroidery, and Foil Embossing. We also pack, ship, and do all of the customer service in house. Every step of the process in done here at our shop in San Tan Valley, Arizona.

Products Crafted With Love

So often we see leather products in the marketplace that use cheap leather with poor craftsmanship. You can tell it's more about quantity than quality. 

At Lifetime Leather Co, we will never sacrifice quality to save a buck. Our products are extensions of ourselves. We care about the finished product, we care about the quality of leather, the zipper, the craftsmanship.  We want you to have a product that you love, that stays with you for your lifetime. Quality never goes out of style.

Meet The Team


Owner / Founder


The Real Boss


Embroidery & Sewing


Shipping & Handmade


Cutting / Handmade


Head of Security

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