Top 10 Gifts Guaranteed To Win Fathers Day

(Plus 1 Honorable Mention)


As I reflect on my own life and the impact my father had on me, I am filled with gratitude for all the countless hours he spent teaching me, encouraging me, and helping me become the best person I could be. From all the laughs, fishing trips, campouts, and encouraging me when I started out in this leather business. I know for a fact that I wouldn't be where I am today without him. He taught me how to set goals and the importance of finishing what you start, and the power of your thoughts. His mantra is "you become what you think about most of the time". 


So in this world that so often overlooks the quiet strength and endless love of fathers, let's take this opportunity to celebrate the man who has been there through it all. Even when he doesn't ask for anything in return, his presence and guidance shape our lives in profound ways.


This Father's Day, let's go beyond the ordinary and give Dad a gift that truly reflects our appreciation for everything he does.


Here are our top picks

1. Dopp Kit

If you could only pick one thing from our store, this would be it! It's the gift he didn't even know he needed. This heirloom piece will accompany him on every adventure and be passed down as a prized possession.




2. Leather Belt

This essential item is so often overlooked. Not only will our leather belt look great, its guaranteed to hold up the britches for the man who has always had your back. Built with timeless style and tough as nails, its guaranteed to withstand anything you can throw at it. 



3. Tool Roll

Throwing back to all the memories of working on cars, learning how to change the oil, or putting together your fist bicycle. This thoughtful masterpiece is for the man who can fix anything in a moments notice and look good while doing it too. It keeps all your tools, wrenches, and sockets all in perfect order. It rolls up tight and fits under your seat!



4. Field Notes Wallet

From home depot to do lists to ideas and goals to sweet notes that end up on your lunch box, the field notes wallet keeps everything organized and productive. Our field notes wallet has been one of our best selling wallets for the past decade. The timeless design and quality construction show why it's a fan favorite. We handcraft each wallet with the highest quality full grain leather that's lightweight yet extremely durable.



5. Tech Roll

This tech roll is the ultimate all-in-one organizational master piece. Designed in-house to solve our own problem of loose cords, chargers, SD cards, and everything else when we are on the move making content! Made for all types of items that end up floating around the car or on your office desk. This roll can be laid flat and then rolled up with the two leather ties connected, to keep anything from falling out! The ties also allow it to be hung on a hook, outlet, or anywhere you need to keep it! 



6. Passport Cover

Rather it's traveling for work, business, or leisure. Our leather passport cover is tried and true, taking on a patina and style with every adventure it's taken on. It is a surefire reminder of your love for him every time he sees it while traveling. 



7. Flask

The flask was first invented in the 18th century and carried by gentlemen and given as gifts from one to another with prestige and class. Honoring hundreds of years of tradition our high quality, wide-mouthed, 18/8 stainless steel Stanley® flask hand sewn with 100% genuine American leather. This leather flask is perfect for the travel and built to last a lifetime. Leather can be personalized with a name or initials to make it even more special.



8. Journal

Within these leather-bound journals lies the essence of a journey, where stories are etched in ink, memories preserved, and wisdom shared. For Father's Day, celebrate the guardians of our tales with these timeless gifts. Our signature Leather Journal was designed with minimalism and durability in mind. It's handcrafted with genuine full grain leather, sewn inside and out, then waxed and burnished edges for a clean, professional finish. Add a touch of uniqueness with personalization or a fire brand to make it the perfect journal for him.



9. Watch Band

Our watch bands, crafted with care and precision, serve as reminders of the timeless bond between father and child. Every watch band is meticulously handcrafted and handsewn with genuine full grain leather then paired with heavy duty hardware -- they will age beautifully and last a lifetime.




10. Valet Tray

Elevate Dad's space with our sleek leather valet tray. A stylish organizer for his daily essentials. Perfect for by the computer, front door, in bedroom. It's a great and classy way to hold those wandering belongings. Our leather valet tray is handcrafted with the genuine American full grain leather and personalization options to make it a special gift. 



11. Dog Collar - honorable mention

A stylish gift for the proud 'doggy dads', celebrating their love and companionship. If you're in need of a quality, handmade leather dog collar, then search no more. Our leather dog collars were designed with minimalism and durability in mind. Each collar is handcrafted with best American leather and built to last. Make your collar even more special by adding your dogs name.