Corporate Gifting

Enhance your company event with quality, timeless gifts

We love to do corporate events and handcraft gifts for your guests or employees that last a lifetime. By selecting Lifetime Leather Co, you're giving a gift that will be remembered and cherished. Every product we sell is available for grabs and comes with our Lifetime Guarantee and Promise of Quality. We'll never cut corners and our gifts are always made in the USA.

Some of the popular products we do for corporate events are koozies, journals, toiletry bags, coasters, and wallets -- however we can do any item you want. Each product we sell can be branded with your logo.

We can:

  • Embroider & fire brand employee/guest initials 
  • On-site fire branding for employee/initials
  • Brand company logos on any product, regardless of size
  • Create a custom product just for your company or event

Companies We've Worked With